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Oct. 22nd, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful........

.........But your clothes shouldn't be!!!! With the weather getting crisper and the Holidays right around the corner we are all starting to pull out our cold weather clothes. Must haves in EVERY winter wardrobe are the follwing:

Flat boots:  In black, brown, tan, and gray these will last you all winter long. Wear with skirts or over skinny jeans or leggings. For a more daring/modern look wear over lace tights.

Heeled boots: Super spiky heeled boots are soooo out. Wedge heeled boots or boots with a lower wider heel are not only more modern this season but they are also far more comfortable

Army inspired jacket: This cropped fitted jacket always works when paired with nice jeans and some boots.  Effortless yet chic

Faux fur vest: This definitely takes some guts to wear but once you get up the courage to walk around in a fur vest you'll never want to take it off. Wear with a slim long-sleeved shirt underneath. Long colored thermal-type shirts work great and can add extra color to the look.

Long scarves: You can never have too many. Mix it up with different colors, patterns, and textures

Heavy jacket: This jacket can be whatever your personal stlye is. If you are more into a heavy parka-type make sure you get one that still has feminine touches to it; like a belt. If you're more into wool pea coats try getting one in a color other than gray or black. Red is bright and goes with most everything. Snowboarding and ski jackets can be cute but please leave those for the mountain. Down jackets or "puff coats" are very good to have if you are somwhere that has very cold temps. They aren't always that flattering so make sure that the one you get hits just below your hips and has a tapered waist.

Knits: Hats, scarves, gloves, oversized sweaters, etc. Knits are amzing....and warm

Pants: Keep to dark wash jeans or black pants. Colors are fine as long as they are jewel-toned. Skinny pants are always chic with tall boots or simple flats. For something a bit different try a low-rise dark jean with a bit more of a long flared leg. They help dress up any top

Holiday dress outfit: This can anything from a short berry colored cocktail dress to a cropped fitted blazer with long wide-legged pants. Just have something to wear for those holiday gatherings.

With these items you are sure to be well dressed and plenty warm for the winter season!!!

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